Best Walking Poles for Trekking

With the walking season upon us, it’s crucial to culminate some key equipment to ensure the safest and most enjoyable experience for your hikes. Trekking poles for hiking are essential for helping to share your weight load, reducing strain on knees when walking downhill as well as improving balance and establishing a good walking rhythm for endurance when walking uphill and uneven trails. But with so many different sticks for trekking on the market today, it can be difficult to know the perfect one to benefit you.  It’s important to understand the pros and cons of using them to achieve your desired needs. So, we’ve scoured the market for the best walking poles for trekking to help you decide which would be the best model designed to be more of a help rather than hindrance during your treks

Editors Choice

1. Black Diamond Alpine FLZ Trekking Poles

This latest trekking pole from Black Diamond offers a durable product for all-season hiking. The new sidelock adjustable technology makes it incredibly easy to use over some of its major competitors. Quick to assemble, the Alpine Flz is transitional whatever the weather by changing the Trekking baskets with Compactor Powder Baskets. With an improvement on the joint support, making the pole’s 30% stiffer, helping to not only reduce the level of perceived exertion you experience, but also resulting in the burning of more calories.

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2. LEKI Micro Vario Carbon DDS Trekking Poles

Compiled from 100% carbon and weighing just 195g, the Micro Trail Vario is extremely lightweight and has an impressive packing size of 42cm when folded together, which is optimal for long-distant hiking. With an adjustable strap to change the length dependant on its occupant, the wide shark frame offers comfort and grip on all terrains.

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3. Mons Peak IX Tiger Paw Carbon Trekking Poles

The Mons Peak IX Tiger Paw Carbon trekking pole is designed for high performance, long-distance hikes and are perfect for travelling lightweight. Made from 100% carbon with high strength dense Carbon Fiber Composite telescoping tubes, this hiking pole is one of the best in the market complete with adjustable height via snap-click compression locks. The tightening nut also allows for precise lock compression strength. A dimpled top palm grip allows for comfort, moulding into your hand creating ease-of-use and strength complete with silver pole markings grants great visibility in any light.

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4. Komperdell Ridgehiker Cork Powerlock Compact Trekking Poles

For those on a budget, this is one of the best hiking poles for guaranteed light, sturdy and stable sticks. Made entirely of metal (both carbon and titanal), it’s durable amongst fractured, rocky terrain and the adjustable stick ensures flexible transportation and a reliable tool for weight balancing.

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Best Budget choice


5. TrailBuddy Trekking Poles

The cost-efficient TrailBuddy Poles offers the best combination of durable strength and lightweight portability in a complete set made especially for your comfort and ease of use. The aluminium base works well under lateral pressure and is durable enough under extreme pressures and all-weathers. TrailBuddy’s flip-locks can be assembled easily and is super helpful with
packing the sticks for long journeys and have a no-slip handling guarantee.

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6. Cascade Mountain Tech Trekking

Based on weight and price, this is the best model on the market assuring easily operation, a lightweight feel, sturdy and a compatible product. These poles provide a variety of shaft materials, grips and locking mechanisms for hikers of all abilities. The trekking poles are available in both EVA foam and cork grip options. Cork grips provide comfort as well as a firm grip, eliminating any sweat. EVA grips also absorb moisture and provide a smooth comfortable grip. The Tungsten Carbide Tip is a durable tip that works for most hikes on rocky terrains. Grooves in the tip grab terrain providing stability and confidence while trekking.

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The best trekking poles can be extremely advantageous for hikers, reducing the strain and force of gravity when hiking downhill. Efficient use of trekking poles requires technique and an awareness of incorrect usage. For the cost-effective and quality seekers out there, the Cascade Mountain Tech Trekking poles are perfect for this year’s staycation. If you don’t have a budget and want an all-round, quality, effective, durable and flexible product then you can’t beat the Black Diamond range.As always, place the safety features of any hiking product as the highest priority of any purchase. Do your research and, most importantly, enjoy your hike!



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