Five best lightweight camping stoves in 2023

Five best lightweight camping stoves in 2020

2020 certainly for mostly all the wrong reasons will be a year that stands out in history for generations to come with the Coronavirus global pandemic and travel restrictions in place for many, many families and campers will look at staycation opportunities.

The main ingredient of a winning holiday? Food of course. No matter where you intend to visit this year, a lightweight camping stove is a key factor for any adventure. Whether you’re hiking, backpacking or simply enjoying a chilled week away with the kids, your mini stove can solve any hunger needs in the height of the wilderness. But the crucial questions is – what is the best lightweight camping stove?

We’ve scoured the market for the best performing, most compact and easiest camping stoves to use. The options are endless, however, fear not, after careful analysis, we’ve hand-picked the top five most accessible, very best lightweight stoves for you – be it backpacking or flying it overseas – we have the answer. So, sit back, relax and let us review the essential components:

1. Jetboil Flash Camping Stove Cooking System

This latest camping stove from Jetboil is of the highest spec by selecting materials to optimise efficiency boasting of a lightning-flash boiling time within just 100 seconds. Now that’s quick. The industry-leading model has an increased output of 4,500 to 9,000 BTUs, perfect for the ultimate personal system for dehydrated meals, soups, coffee and tea. When it comes to convenience and safety, the push-button igniter and colour-change head – the indicator will tell you exactly when the water boils and is efficiency folded for greater heat exchange, wasting no fuel.

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This stove works really well in all conditions, to improve stability in windy conditions or on uneven ground, we would recommend buying Jetboil fuel can stabilizer specifically designed for Jetboil Camping Stoves


2. Optimus Elektra Fe Cooking System

Compiled with the highest quality materials, the recent edition of the OPTIMUS’ `Fe cooking system is simply one of the most convenient, portable stoves on the market. In the interest of the environment, this fuel-efficient, high-performing masterpiece provides a 28% faster boil time than some of the other market-leading competitors at an incredible 20% fuel savings. In just over two minutes, you have boil and tea’s on! No matter where you are this year, the lightweight system fits snugly in your backpack and includes the Crux Lite stove, a heat exchange pot with lid, clip-on windscreen and a handheld Piezo ignitor. Its robust system ensures you can feed and water yourself in any climate. So, if you’re looking for a bit of action this summer, this, my friend, is the peas to your carrots.

Like with the Jetboil, this gas canister can become unstable in high winds or uneven ground, the Optimus canister stand will ensure your stove is kept upright

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3. Primus Gravity III

The Primus Gravity III stove is ideal for those regular campers and hikers. With its brilliant reliable and stable features, this product is perfect for cooking larger pots in all-weathers. Complete with a nylon storage bag, the lightweight stove can be transported wherever your adventure takes you, whether that be fishing, or for those longer trips – its versatility is
what really sets it apart from the rest. For those explorers who want maximum efficiency – this is the key ingredient for all of your expeditions.

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4. Lixada Camping Wood Stove Portable Wood Burning Stove Lightweight

Stove for Outdoor Cooking Backpacking Hiking Traveling for all campers and survivalists. This stove is also a perfect little emergency stove. With unlimited fuel sources (depending on the environment of course) and its robust quality, this product is built specifically for the rugged, outdoor Bear Grylls in us all.

The Lixada camping wood stove is the perfect size to get any fire going and feels sturdy enough to hold a decent size pot. The heat from the fire is excellent and its dimensions make it flexible enough to re-fuel. For the hard-core adventurous foodies out there or a fishing trip with the kids, this stove is easily transportable, has great features and is bags of fun.

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5. Msr Pocket Rocket 2

The new Msr Pocket Rocket 2 is a re-make of its classic product made a million times better. This ultra-lightweight stove boasts of premium features which enhance your trekking and camping experience and its push-start ignition makes lighting the stove a doddle. If you’re looking for a consistently excellent cooking experience in all-weather then this is the product for you.

It offers significantly reduced cooking times than its competitors as well as providing you with a wide, durable base for improved heat distribution and simmering.

Where ever you find yourself this year, you won’t find yourself hungry with this masterpiece bit of machinery. The MSR Pocket Rocket 2 is amazing. It’s extremely lightweight and packs into almost no space at all. The MSR piezo ignitor is a nice addition as well which conveniently fits right in the case.

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Our Lightweight Camping stove summary

So, in the space of five minutes, you’ve been gifted with the top five elite camping stoves currently on the market. Picture it now, the light is at the end of the tunnel with the COVID 19 pandemic and you’re next caught at the top of the mountain, on your fishing trip or camping in the woods with the family, you’ll never go hungry again if you decide to invest in the right equipment for you.

For the cost-effective and quality seekers out there, the JetBoil Flash is perfect for this year’s staycation.
If you don’t have a budget and want an all-round, quality, effective, easy-cleaning and time-efficient product then the  MSR Pocket Rocket 2 sure winner.

One final bit of advice from us, always places the safety features of any cooking product as the highest priority. Do your research and, most importantly, enjoy your well-chosen purchase.

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