67 Adventure Instagrammers You Should Be Following Right Now

Do you love the outdoors? Do you want to know who to follow to get inspiration and ideas for your next adventure? Are you trying to find a good Instagram base to follow?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, read on for the answers.

My own experiences on Instagram have led me to recommend the following 67 adventure Instagrammers you should be paying attention to right now!

These Instagram accounts aren’t ranked by any particular level of awesomeness; they’re all equally awesome!

The 67 Best Adventure Instagram Acounts


Jackson Groves

Jackson Groves is a solo Aussie travel blogger currently in the Philippines. He journeys around with only a backpack. Do you want to follow in his footsteps? Check out his ultimate Oahu bucket list for some inspiration.Follow for: Beautiful photos of water and waterfalls

Follow @jackson.groveswildernesssociety

The Wilderness Society

The wilderness society makes our list for its beautiful photos and amazing purpose. Check out their latest cause here. #ourwild

Follow for: Grand photos of American wildlands

Follow @wildernesssocietymonacolenze


Lorenz features photos from Munich, Waging am See, and Upper Bavaria. His photos feature beautiful winter scenes.

Follow for: 4-season adventures

Follow @monacolenzeexpat_matt

Expat Matt

Expat Matt is a solo world traveler. His photos are simply amazing, so you don’t have to worry about any repeat or boring landscapes. Follow for: Fun photos that will blow your mind

Follow @expat_mattclimb_girls

Climb Girls

This Instagram account is one close to my heart: I love to climb and I love seeing others climb! However, these ladies are much better than I ever was.

Follow for: Amazing yet dicey views!

Follow @climb_girlsArielle Shipe

Arielle Shipe

Arielle is a yoga and meditation teacher as well as a nutrition/business coach. She loves life, adventure, and philanthropy.

Follow for: Fun yoga poses and mountain vistas

Follow @arielleshipeKelsey Williamson

Kelsey Williamson

Kelsey makes our list because of her jaw-dropping tropical photography. Where are waterfalls, underwater photos, and mountains.

Follow for: Top notch Hawaiian photography and more!

Follow @kelsealohaChris Burkard

Chris Burkard

Chris Burkard is a man of many talents: photographer, speaker, and director. Check out his website.

Follow for: Incredible vistas of interesting landscapes

Follow @chrisburkardPete McBride

Pete McBride

I follow Pete for his unique photos. He is a filmmaker, public speaker, National Geographic photographer, and Sony artisan. Sign his petition to save National Monuments here.

Follow for: Cultural, geographical, and fauna photos

Follow @pedromcbrideBradley Castaneda

Bradley Castaneda

Bradley loves the mountains, and you can see it through his artistic photography. He is also a jeep lover.

Follow for: Amazing winter photos or if you are a jeep lover

Follow @bradleycastanedaTravis Burke

Travis Burke

This instagram account made our list due to the incredible photos from around the United States. In addition, Travis has been trekking around in his van for 3 years!

Follow for: Novel, interesting photos from around the United States

Follow @travisburkephotographyWilderness Culture

Wilderness Culture

Wilderness culture is a community of outdoor enthusiasts that post gorgeous photographs. If you want a chance to be featured, tag #wildernessculture. For more information, check out www.wildernessculture.com.

Follow for: Inspiration and awe of nature

Follow @wilderness_cultureTim Kemple

Tim Kemple

Tim leads an interesting life as a full-time filmmaker, photographer, and VR artist. Check him out at www.camp4collective.com.

Follow for: Absolutely amazing, beautiful, awe-inspiring photos of amazing adventures from around the world

Follow @timkempleAndy Best

Andy Best

Andy describes himself as a nomad working to share the beauty in this world. He is not only a cinematographer, he is a photographer and contributor to @natgeoadventure@roam and @lonebisonfilms.

Follow for: A unique, beautiful, nomadic view of the world

Follow @andy_bestThe Clymb

The Clymb

The Clymb is an online, outdoor retail store that describes themselves as purveyors of fine outdoor good and adventure travel experiences. I fully agree.

Follow for: Interesting photos of ice climbing, rock climbing, and other outdoor adventures

Follow @theclymbNative Eyewear

Native Eyewear

Not only is their eyewear gorgeous, so are their photo locals! To be featured, tag #RoamFree.

Follow for: Lovely photos of lovely people at lovely locations wearing lovely eyewear

Follow @nativeeyewearForest Woodward

Forest Woodward

Forest begins his Instagram page with the quote “to be and not to seem”. That is the kind of person he is, and the types of photos he takes. Join Forest, and donate to save Bears Ears.

Follow for: Legit chills

Follow @forestwoodwardJimmy Chin

Jimmy Chin

Adventure is Jimmy’s middle name. He is not only a North Face Athlete, he is also a photographer and filmmaker.

Follow for: Incredible shots from around the world

Follow @jimmy_chinJulian Bialowas

Julian Bialowas

Julian is creative, and works with product direction. Check out more of his work on his website, or @Hipcamp.

Follow for: Artsy photography of nature and the people in it

Follow @julianbialowasKyle Frost

Kyle Frost

Kyle Frost is the creative director of another Instagram page – The Outbound Collective. He also has his own website.

Follow for: Photos of Kyle on radical landscapes, mostly climbing

Follow @kylefrostCole Rise

Cole Rise

Cole is not only a self-proclaimed travel photographer. He is also an escape artist! I love that you can even book him right on his page! For more info, check out his website!

Follow for: Larger than life photography

Follow @coleriseTrey Ratcliff

Trey Ratcliff

Trey makes my list for his insightful, creative photography. Although his adventures include nature, they also feature humans being incredibly human.

Follow for: An honest look at the face of humanity

Follow @treyratcliffDan Patitucci

Dan Patitucci

If you want to see mouth-dropping photos of the Swiss Alps, this is the page for you! Dan’s page is also a must-see for runners. If you plan to run in Switzerland, check out his website!

Follow for: The Swiss Alps. Need I say more?

Follow @danpatitucciOwen Perry

Owen Perry

Owen Perry makes my list for being a great artist. If you are looking for some amazing photographs as a gift, check him out!

Follow for: Classically beautiful images of nature

Follow @circa_1983Owen Perry

Kevin Russ

One thing that is remarkable about Russ’s photos are that they are taken by only an iphone. He also does film, and you can see more at his website.

Follow for: Landscape and mountain vistas

Follow @kevinrussCamp4Collective


Camp4Collective loves nature, and it is obvious by their featured photographs. I like that you can tag your best outdoor adventures at #camp4pix.

Follow for: Slightly dangerous nature photography

Follow @camp4collectiveKat Carney

Kat Carney

Kat Carney is a climbing legend. I love following her adventures and getting inspired by her courage! She also has some of the most realistic, gorgeous photos.

Follow for: Inspiration and motivation

Follow @katcarneyJared Chambers

Jared Chambers

Jared’s photography is quite interesting, and can be characterized by a light color scheme. His photos also feature quite a bit of snow.

Follow for: A slightly different perspective with very interesting lines

Follow @jaredchambersAlex Strohl

Alex Strohl

Alex is based out of one of my favorite places in the world: Whitefish Montana. However, his photos are not only from Glacier National Park. Check out his stories!

Follow for: Realizing how small humans are

Follow @alexstrohlCyrus Sutton

Cyrus Sutton

Cyrus is not only a photographer, he is a director and a surfer! In fact, he has a video of why B Corp certification matter.

Follow for: A director’s eye on nature

Follow @cyrus_suttonDylan Furst

Dylan Furst

Dylan is fursty…fursty for adventure! He is the only one on my list based in Washington State. A filmmaker and photographer, you can check out his other works here.

Follow for: Never before seen nature shots around Washington State

Follow @furstyHannes Becker

Hannes Becker

This man is German and he is everywhere! So much so he is a Stay&Wander Huawei Mobile Ambassador with over 1.1m followers.

Follow for: Breathtaking, unique adventure photography

Follow @hannes_beckerJason Charles Hill

Jason Charles Hill

A photographer from Brisbane, Australia, Jason doesn’t just stay close to home. His most recent adventure was to Patagonia. His photographs make me wish I liked the cold. Jason has an eye for gorgeous rocks and bodies of water.

Follow for: Views of the rocky mountains and coastlines

Follow @jasoncharleshillOur Open Road

Our Open Road

I follow this nomadic family of four, because I live vicariously through people doing what I love! These people have been on the road for 6 years, and they are currently in Brazil.

Follow for: An insight into other cultures and landscapes

Follow @ouropenroadKristian Keenen

Kristian Keenen

Based in Seattle, Washington, Kristian travels far beyond the bounds of the State. Check out more of his gorgeous photography at his website.

Follow for: Water, snow, and mountain adventure photography

Follow @kristiankeenenJess Dales

Jess Dales

Jess is a blogger, wanderer, and dreamer living a life of adventure! She is featured in many of her photographs, showcasing herself and grand places typically involving water.

Follow for: Images of a water paradise

Follow @jess.wanderingJames Barkman

James Barkman

James Barkman is a climber that likes to walk on the wild side. Or rather he likes to ride his motorcycle! He is currently climbing his way from Alaska to Argentina.

Follow for: Insights on an epic adventure and South America

Follow @jamesbarkmanWomen Who Explore

Women Who Explore

I love this page. Filled with photos of only women on grand adventures, I feel incredibly inspired and motivated to get outside.

Follow for: Photos of gorgeous landscapes from around the world

Follow @womenwhoexploreProper Adventure

Proper Adventure

This Instagram page is included on my list, because it features some extreme landscapes and people tackling them. Proper adventure also writes a journal.

Follow for: A Scott’s view on nature and gear

Follow @properadventureRobert Graham

Robert Graham

Robert is not only a marvelous photographer, he is also a trail/fell runner. It blows my mind to think a human can run to some of these gorgeous, remote landscapes.

Follow for: Motivation to become a trail runner!

Follow @robgrhmThomas Brown

Thomas Bown

Most of the photos on this Instagram page are from Pembrokeshire also known as Westest Wales. You can find out more at his website.

Follow for: A new take on Wales

Follow @thomas_bownMarc Pickering

Marc Pickering

I like Marc’s photography for its big picture focus. I tend to love wide landscape portraits of the American west, and these pictures do not disappoint.

Follow for: Beautiful, snowy, rustic landscape and animal photos

Follow @lochgmarcpMalc & Dave

Malc & Dave

This couple are Devon hikers, and that is where many of their photos are set. They also feature blogs and photos from South Downs and Dartmoor Nation Park.

Follow for: Finding the beauty in everyday nature

Follow @malc_and_daveAlister Hamill

Alister Hamill

Alister Hamill has imaginative and spectacular photos of Northern Irish landscapes. These include Aurora Chaser, Mourne Mountains, and the Causeway Coast.

Follow for: Photos that showcase the sky as well as the landscape

Follow @ahamillphotosJamie


If you want to see what life is like in the mountains of Snowdonia/Eryri, look no further than Jamie’s account. In fact, he is a mountain and hiking guide, so many of his photos are adventurous!

Follow for: One man’s adventurers doing what he loves

Follow @exploring_snowdonia_eryriJohnny Foy

Johnny Foy

A blackleaf ambassador, Johnny hails from Scotland. If you love oceans, mountains, waterfalls, farmland, or coast, check out this Instagram!

Follow for: Lovely landscapes and roads

Follow @_jfoy_Elgan Jones

Elgan Jones

I like Elgan Jones. His photography is absolutely gorgeous, and he is a professional. Some of his talents include astrophotography, time-lapse, and landscape.

Follow for: Professional landscape and nighttime photography

Follow @elganjonesphotographyCallum Snape

Callum Snape

Callum’s Instagram photography can be summed up in one word: haunting. However, it is gorgeous and deep at the same time. There is nature, sunset, sky, landscape, and architecture.

Follow for: An intelligent look at beauty

Follow @calsnapeJohan Lolos

Johan Lolos

To get a quick tour of how gorgeous Europe is, check out this guy. Johan just took a 5-month summer road trip across 17 countries. Check out his website for more.

Follow for: Dazzling, unique perspectives of Europe

Follow @lebackpackerTiffany Nguyen

Tiffany Nguyen

Although Tiffany is a dentist, she still finds time to go on outdoor adventures! In fact, her nature photography is absolutely stunning!

Follow for: Impressive views and locations of America

Follow @tiffpenguinKire Hajba

Kire Hajba

Hailing from Amsterdam, Kire has an eye for beauty and the unique. Just one look at his page and you can see he brings out the best in everything he photographs.

Follow for: A look into the soul of nature and humanity

Follow @kirehajbaMax Muench

Max Muench

Max is a Samsung Mobile Ambassador, and his pictures are of a darker pallet. There are so many lush pictures of trees, waterfalls, rocks, and oceans.

Follow for: Amazing pictures on the dark side

Follow @germanroamersRob Strok

Rob Strok

I like Rob’s Instagram, because he showcases Thailand on a whole new level. I have never seen many of the locations on his page.

Follow for: A unique view of Thailand

Follow @robtstrokJeffrey Spackman

Jeffrey Spackman

From first camera to commercial photographer in 4 years, this Instagram account is one to watch. He is from Alberta, and captures the beauty eloquently.

Follow for: Great views around Alberta, including the Canadian Rockies

Follow @namkcapsScott Kranz

Scott Kranz

Scott Kranz makes my list, due to his adventurous page theme. He has been chronically his adventure across the 7 Continents.

Follow for: A reason to be super jealous as well as inspired

Follow @scott_kranzAll About Adventures

All About Adventures

This page is all about adventure, literally! The team of adventurers and creators behind this account are an inspiration. Tag #AllAboutAdventures for an opportunity to be featured.

Follow for: A diverse range of locations and photographic perspectives

Follow @allaboutadventuresMatthew Massa

Matthew Massa

Matt is an outdoor enthusiast and an adventure photographer from Vancouver, BC. He is also the co-founder of All About Adventures. You can even sign up here for updates!

Follow for: Alpine lakes and the corresponding landscape

Follow @thismattexistsAngela Liggs

Angela Liggs

I like this page, because Angela understands how to take a picturesque photo. I love to follow her adventures, and I bet you will, too!

Follow for: Cool photos of outdoor camping and journeying

Follow @angelaliggsMadison Elrick

Madison Elrick

Madison Elrick is a fearless human being with a penchant for lakes. Her photos are all about alpine lakes, mountainous landscapes, and climbing ice walls.

Follow for: Amazing winter photography

Follow @mddyelrckBrayden “TheRockJohnson” Hall

Brayden “TheRockJohnson” Hall

Another co-founder of All About Adventures, Brayden loves hiking and photography year round. His photos prove it.

Follow for: Mountains, lakes, and oceans…oh my!

Follow @braybraywoowooBraedin Toth

Braedin Toth

Braedin is a photographer, videographer and Creative Director at Toth Media where he helps brands connect with their audiences through storytelling. He spends most of his time travelling throughout Canada and the US.

Follow for: Exceedingly gorgeous landscape photos

Follow @braedinAvin Neville

Avin Neville

Avin is extremely talented and taking photos of sunrises and sunsets. To see more photos, hire Avin, or buy prints, go to his website.

Follow for: Dazzling, colorful photos of the sky

Follow @avinncreationsVancityWild


These two West Coast adventurers travel by van, and take amazing pictures on their adventurers. They hail from Vancouver, Canada, but rarely stay home!

Follow for: Artistic outdoor photography

Follow @vancitywildSam Schonewille

Sam Schonewille

Samantha is a hiker and amateur climber, following the call of the nature. She hails from the Squamish area, so you know her pictures are gorgeous.

Follow for: Classic California coast and mountain views

Follow @outdorphinsPaul Richardson

Paul Richardson

Paul’s photos of landscape and light are one-of-a-kind. There are so many outstanding pictures of the sky it is awe-inspiring.

Follow for: Beautiful lights and feelings of awe

Follow @timepluslightHiking Culture

Hiking Culture

I like this Instagram page, because it is made of awesome guest posts from all things hiking. To be featured, simply tag your photos with #hikingculture.

Follow for: Hiking photos from around the world

Follow @hikingculture

Who Will You Follow?

Did you enjoy my list of the best adventure Instagrammers ? If so, let me know!

If I left anyone out, comment below! I am always open to new suggestions and ideas.

Who is your favorite outdoor Instagrammer?

67 Adventure Instagrammers You Should Be Following Right Now

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